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Our work ranges from eLearning curricula to mobile apps, social campaigns, serious games and online and offline platforms. We know how to integrate the needs of people, the possibilities of technology and the requirements for sustainable success. Serious and fun, clever and beautiful, our solutions hold human experience at the heart. With an experienced team in Amsterdam and an international network of partners worldwide, we can work on any topic in any country. And we’ve been doing this since 1999.

Dance4Life Educate

For several years, Dance4Life has implemented a successful program to empower young adults to make healthy and informed decisions about their sexual behavior. To update their educational model and optimize their core expertise, Butterfly Works led a participatory design research to find ways to enhance the program and move forward. Our research was conducted in collaboration with the pedagogical department of UvA (University of Amsterdam), Dance4Life trainers and students. We used the core values of the program and matched these up against existing success factors of Comprehensive Sexuality Education. Based on our findings, we highlighted the impact of peer learning and additional teacher training, and delivered a report with strategic advice for the development of a new curriculum.

  • Services: Creative Research
  • Output: Strategic Recommendation
  • Themes: Education, Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights
  • Partners: Dance4Life, University of Amsterdam (UvA), youth and trainers
  • Region: Global

Dance4Life Educate

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